What Fixtures Are Staying At The Property

Pitt Realty Group | What Fixtures Are Staying At The Property
Scott Johnson:
Hey everyone. This is Scott Johnson with Pitt Realty Group here, and today I wanted to cover something extremely important. And that is what fixtures come along with the property when you sell? Now this is extremely important and something you’re absolutely going to want to discuss with your real estate agent in Greenville, North Carolina, especially when you are selling your property. And even if you’re buying a property, it’s important that you discuss these things, as well.

Now in the T2… this is actually the contract that you’re going to be seeing when you’re writing up an offer. On this one… this is the updated version for 2020… this one is page four. It has specified items. Now specified items, this section gives you an entire list of things that absolutely will be coming with the property in transferring ownership along with the property, or being conveyed to the person, to the buyer that you’re selling the property to when it closes. So all this stuff right here will be transferred over ownership-wise to the person buying your house unless at the very bottom part here, you actually write things in that will not be transferred.

Now I’m actually going to do another video in a little while to kind of discuss a situation that may arise and to kind of keep you aware and up-to-date as to… just wait for it on this one. Well, let’s get into this a little bit.

So a lot of these specified items are primarily going to be like the appliances in your house, basketball goals, ceiling and wall fans, fixtures… what was it… fireplaces and all these other fixtures and cabinetry that are in the property. Those are all listed here and will be transferred when you sell your house in Greenville, North Carolina. So make sure that you sit down and talk to your real estate agent about things that you do not want transferred.

Now simplified, a fixture is something that is affixed to the property, and your intent was to keep it there. Your intent was to change the light fixtures in the house. Now there is a potential for you to take some of those with you as long as they’re replaced before the property changes hands. But just make sure that if there are certain things or heirlooms that you want to take with you, that you sit down with your real estate agent and discuss it and write these things down, because your agent is going to need to inform the potential buyers or the buyer’s agent, whoever’s helping the buyer, that there are some things that will not be transferred.

Anyway, if you guys have any questions on this, feel free to reach out. Thank you so much for watching. Be sure to subscribe and like this video and share if you feel like this would help somebody that you know is selling their house in Greenville. Thanks so much.
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