5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Selling Your House Right Away in Greenville

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Selling Your House Right Away in Greenville

Delaying selling your house? The more you delay, the more expenses can eat into your bottom line and erode your proceeds! There are some compelling reasons why delaying may be a good idea, but we recommend that you read on and learn about the 5 reasons why you should consider selling your house right away in Greenville

Avoid Showings

Showing your house tends to be the most chaotic portion of the house selling process. It always seems like the best time for potential buyers to tour your house is during your downtime! Add that to the fact that you’re having to perpetually clean everything in your house so it always looks its best when people walkthrough! The fact that potential buyers could keep popping in means you can never fully relax.  In order to list the house, it needs to be in picture-perfect condition. From small fixes to expensive structural, foundation, or house system repairs, such as a furnace or plumbing. Unless your house is brand-new you may have to invest in a multitude of other repairs, so be ready. Avoiding the expenses and stress of preparing to list and have showings is one reason why you should consider selling your house right away in Greenville.

Avoid Listing Expenses

It’s not the only expense you’ll have to shell out when you’re selling your house in the standard fashion, but the extremely high commission’s of real estate agents drives many homeowners to attempt the do-it-yourself path of listing their house. Enter For Sale By Owner challenges and a lot of mistakes… After time passes and they realize that they’ve made a lot of expensive mistakes so they then turn back to a realtor. Top agents demand a healthy marketing budget, they’ll want to control what is done to improve the condition of your house and are likely to include the costs of staging. Along with all of the other fees that may be added in, these sellers find themselves continuing to dig an even deeper hole into their profits, in order to sell it, with no guarantee of getting that money back or selling in general. These commissions and other expenses involved with listing a house for sale are another reason why you should consider selling your house right away in Greenville.

Holding Costs

There’s a lot of stress in the fact that something could go wrong and you’ll end up not being able so complete the sale of your house. Especially if you’re under pressure to move due to financial difficulties, a change in employment, or the need to care for a family member who is sick and living in another state. Having to pay the costs for two houses when you are forced to relocate is a very important reason that you should consider selling your house right away in Greenville. Those extra expenses turn into a budgetary nightmare! Consider this when exploring the true cost of listing traditionally, either with an agent or on your own.

Low Mortgage Rates

There are changes I had to bank regulations which will likely cause an increase in the mortgage rate. Additionally, the Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed) has been slowly cutting back on the mortgage-backed securities that they are committed to purchasing as the year comes to an end. What this means is that we’re going to continue to see mortgage rates at ground levels for a very long, likely indefinite, time. If those rates start to rise, markets will crash… While they don’t set the rates directly, their actions and policies have an effect on mortgage rates. Acting before rates rise and buyers with already strained credit are becoming relatively rare. This is another good reason to consider selling your house right away in Greenville. Much of the Fed’s actions as the progress will be dependent on the outcome of the vaccines in the works for the pandemic and their effect on the economy becomes clearer. There are also new banking capital requirements coming into effect, likely to cause rising rates as well.

Low Inventory

All good things must come to an end, and this is true for the current status of inventory available to buyers. Millions of homeowners have come under the protection of the CDC order and have been able to hang on to their house, the likelihood of these homeowners overcoming their economic challenges is extremely uncertain. They will be responsible for timely future mortgage payments, but most have been required to arrange to pay an additional repayment amount, for the unpaid months. As this year comes to an end, experts are predicting the housing market will become flooded with houses that are now under mortgage forbearance, meaning this advantage will soon slip through their fingers. It is also likely that not only will housing prices level off, but there is also an expectation of a drop in pricing as well as the new year begins. Oversupply, leading to lower prices, is a big reason why you should consider selling your house right away in Greenville

By listing your house with Pitt Realty Group, you can eliminate many of these concerns and expenses! You also have other options like Pitt Home Buyers, who buys your house exactly as it sits, with none of the demands of repairs, showings, or paying all of the commissions, fees, and marketing expenses that come along with listing a house. Ready to learn more about the reasons why you should consider selling your house in Greenville to Pitt Realty Group right away? Send us a message or call Pitt Realty Group at (252) 227-0274 now.

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