Pitt Realty Group | Provisional Brokers And What You Need To Know

Pitt Realty Group | Define Provisional Broker And What You Need To Know
Scott Johnson:
Hey, guys. My name is Scott Johnson, with Pitt Realty Group, here in Greenville, North Carolina. And I appreciate your checking out our video. So today, what I wanted to discuss with you is a provisional license versus a regular broker’s license. Now, why do you care about this is the first question. The reason you care is because there are certain requirements that need to be met in order for a real estate agent in Greenville, North Carolina, to be able to help you in any way. When it comes to selling your house or buying a new home, they have to meet those requirements. So currently, I am going through the broker’s course. I’m going through the 75 hours of required schooling to gain my broker’s license.

But once I pass the exam from the school and I get certified by the state, I still do not have a full broker’s license. Once I get that license, immediately after I graduate and I pass the exam, I have my broker’s license, but it is on a provisional basis. What that means is that I have to align myself and work with a broker in charge who, essentially, is a very experienced real estate broker, who knows the ropes, and has been allowed to train, or bring on their team, other real estate agents in Greenville, North Carolina.

Now, real estate agent and a broker, real estate agent is just a really, really used term. Just a side note here. Broker is the official term that the State of North Carolina uses. The only thing we have is broker’s licenses. Whether you have a full broker’s license or you have a broker’s license on a provisional basis, it is broker. So the reason that you care about this is because they have to be qualified to help you. Meaning if, let’s just say I graduate, or someone graduates the course, they get their license, and now all of a sudden, they are a broker with a provisional license. They cannot do anything until they are aligned with a broker in charge. Their license is not active.

So make sure, when you’re talking to real estate agents here in Greenville, North Carolina, be sure to ask them, “Do you have a provisional license?” And if they say, “Yes,” “Who is your broker in charge? And can I speak with them”? It’s always good to, if they’re working with the broker in charge, meet the broker in charge. Talk to them and say, “Hey, what’s your experience like?” Because, the old saying, the fish stinks from the head down, right? So it’s important to go ahead. And when you’re building your real estate team for selling your house in Greenville, North Carolina, then you want to make sure that you interview everyone who’s connected in the process to make sure that they are a credible, real estate professional who can help you.

And I’m telling you this because things happen every day where people act as brokers but they may not be able, they may not be licensed. And even if they’ve graduated and gotten their broker’s license on a provisional basis, until they are with a broker in charge, or they have achieved their full broker’s license, you are at risk with working with them. So be sure to ask those questions to any real estate agent in Greenville, North Carolina, that you are interviewing. “Is your license a provisional license, and can I meet your broker in charge, if they are?”

Anyway, thanks so much, you guys. I really appreciate you watching. I hope this was helpful. Be sure to hit the subscribe button below and thumbs up if you liked it. If you didn’t like it, you can give me a thumbs down. That’s okay. It happens. But also, be sure to hit the share button, copy the link, and send this to anyone you know who may be looking at selling or buying a house here in Greenville, North Carolina. Thanks so much and have a great day.
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