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Sales Consistency and Investing
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Sales Consistency And Investing

Welcome back, I missed you this much. Where have you been? Hey, what’s going on? So I wanted to build a little bit more, I have a couple thoughts after I got done with the video cast about fear. And I wanted to build off that just a little bit more, because I think there’s something that, you know, obviously action cures fear, but consistency is king, okay, and I want to kind of set the stage for that. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to kind of talk to you about consistency, give you some action steps that you can take and kind of give you a couple of examples as to, you know, my experience with consistency, and actually recently how it’s worked, right?

What Is Consistency?

So sales consistency is just consistent progress towards your goal. It could be whatever. Let’s say you’re in sales making 100 calls, you know, 10 well, you’ll go back to the sales funnel, right? 100 calls, 10 prospects follow up, one person ends up buying. Whatever. Okay. And now what happens though, it’s very interesting. I was in door to door sales, selling insurance, doing this: “Hi. Would you like to buy some insurance?”

It didn’t go exactly like that. But what happened was, if I knocked on 25 doors this week in Greenville and didn’t knock on any the next week, and then knocked on five the next week, nothing ever happened. There was no traction, all right? There was nothing moving. I mean, it was like I was spinning in place doing donuts, which would be pretty fun, but regardless. So I was basically spinning my wheels because I wasn’t maintaining consistency. The way to succeed in any business is sales consistency. And whether you like it or not, a lot of people think, “Oh, I’m just going to buy a property and then that’s it. I don’t have to know anything about business.” Garbage. Because owning properties is a business regardless of whether you like it or not. Right? So one of the most important things in business is consistency.

I Can Attest…

So I’m going to give you action steps after I tell you about my experience with it. So in fact, the past couple weeks, three weeks ago, I had stopped calling people. Just stopped cold calling, okay? I’m still developing systems, getting the ball rolling, you know, bringing on a team and you know, developing our team to be able to provide the most value, and to push through the leads, all that good stuff. The whole business spiel, which we could go over too. It’s always fun. But you know, I had stopped cold calling. I stopped calling people and saying, “Hey, listen, are you looking to sell your property?” Well, what do you think happened over the next week and a half?

Yeah. We didn’t look at any properties because no, we weren’t… I mean, we’re sending out letters, don’t get me wrong, and doing different types of things like that. But if I wasn’t actively calling on Greenville properties or doing something in the business, or at least have someone on the team doing it, then the consistency has been thrown off and the wheels stop turning.

We’re treading water, right? Or spinning our wheels. So what happened was I said, “All right, cool. Last week I was like, screw this. Let’s go. You know, we’re going to make 10 calls, you know, a hundred cold calls this week.” Well, I only made like 50. But after that we literally, over the past five days, have looked at, I believe it’s like 20 properties. So just bringing that consistency back up got those wheels spinning. So action steps. Look at properties. If that’s what you’re looking to do, look at properties. If you’re looking for stocks, look at stocks, go back to the sales funnel video. Watch it until it’s drilled into your skull, because that consistency is going to help you to find the investments that’s going to put you where you want to be.

A Great Place To Start

And we probably need to talk about goals. I know it’s kind of like, you know, blown up. Everyone’s talking about goals, goals, goals. But it is extremely important to kind of know why you’re doing something. Simon Sinek, Start With Why. If you haven’t read that book, recommend it. So action step for you guys is take action on what your goals are. Let’s just say, you know, you’re looking for a property to flip, well, contact us and let us know you want a property to look at.

Let us know. Here’s kind of what I’m looking for. Maybe, I don’t know exactly. Maybe you do, right? In our previous video I told you we’re looking for properties that are a minimum of $30,000 for a flip. And if you’re looking for a BURR in Greenville, you know, buy rent, rehab, which we can actually go over later too, then the numbers are going to be different. There may not be as much capital gains, but there is of course, cash flow for it. So it just depends on what you’re looking for. Anyway, guys, if you have any questions on sales consistency, reach out. Now take action! Look at properties today.

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