5 Reasons Why You Need a Greenville Real Estate Agent to Sell a House

Are you in the market for a real estate agent in Greenville? While it may seem like selling your house is a straightforward series of events, there’s always a bevy of paperwork and hidden challenges that can slow down the process. To keep your house’s sale moving smoothly, here are 5 reasons why you need a Greenville real estate agent to sell a house.

Market Knowledge and Experience

First and foremost, any Greenville real estate agent should come equipped with a mind filled with years of local market statistics, and preferably just as much experience.

One of the most basic things that will determine how quickly and easily your house will sell is how you price the house, while also getting the most you can for it.

Real estate professionals use what are called neighborhood comps, or neighborhood comparable sales, to figure out how to price a house when its first hitting the market. These comps are collected and the prices of similar houses are analyzed to see what they sold for over the last few months or years.

The real estate professional then takes this data, includes current market trends into the equation, and then comes back with what they believe to be the price that will make your house an attractive proposition to any serious buyers.

A Solid Support System

When you hire your Greenville real estate agent, you’re also hiring the resources they have available to assist you in any way necessary.

Depending on your needs, you may end up utilizing of a professional photographer, a drone photographer, specialized inspectors, or even a marketing agent to make your house stand out above all of the competition.

Remember, you’re competing with the other people who are selling their house…

If you’re trying to sell a vacant house, it’s likely your agent either has furnishings for staging your house or they will have a contact that does all of the staging for them on a regular basis.

Attention to Detail

Agent’s careers are based on evaluating each house from top to bottom and valuing everything including the land.

This means they’re always keeping their eyes open for any overlooked details that could be helpful or harmful to a sale, or used as leverage in negotiations. Their trained eye is a massive benefit for you as a house seller! You always want to try to get everything in perfect working order prior to opening your doors to the line of potential buyers.

Having your agent do a walkthrough of your house to give any well-thought recommendations could save you some trouble down the road. This puts you in a prime position to hit the ground running once your listing hits the market.

Spread the Word

Your hired agent knows exactly what it takes to generate interest in your house, and their career depends on your sale. A large part of that is spreading the word about your house by the use of marketing techniques and word of mouth.

A Credible Real Estate Professional will already have a list of buyers and contacts they can reach out to and start creating buzz around your house.

Besides using the usual paper handouts and newspaper listings, agents will get the word out to other agents through a Multiple Listing Services, or MLS. Social media platforms have become rather ubiquitous in our daily communication as well so your agent will likely focus on getting your listing featured front and center on these platforms as well. This gets your house in front of as many people as possible. They’ll see your house is available and that you’re a motivated seller.

A Professional Approach

The biggest reason you want a true real estate agent on your side when you’re selling your house is that they always make sure all communication stays objective.

This comes in handy during all aspects of the sale but shines through during negotiations. Sellers often have an emotional attachment to the house and can take counter offers or pushback from a potential buyer in a very negative way. It’s important to remember that buyers are there to purchase the house, not the sentimental value attached to the house. When you receive an offer that’s lower than you’d like, take a step back and think about what you would do if you were in their shoes.

Your agent will make sure negotiations move along with this roadblock squarely out of the way.

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