3 Things You Should Never Do When Selling Your House in Greenville

When you feel it has come time to put your home on the local market, there are certainly things you should avoid doing if at all possible. To prevent you from falling into these potential traps, let’s look at 3 things you should never do when selling your house in Greenville. Price Your Home Inappropriately … Continued

5 Tips to Sell a House That Needs Repairs in Greenville

Some sellers feel that absolutely everything has to be picture-perfect before they can put their home up for sale, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Let’s take a look at these 5 tips to sell a house that needs repairs in Greenville. Honesty Is the Best Policy When it comes time to put … Continued

How to Get the Most Money for Your Greenville House in a Low-Income Area

Homeowners, naturally, want to get the most money possible when they sell. It’s just that in certain markets with certain kinds of buyers, that’s sometimes more than a little difficult to pull off. Most markets today, where there’s low inventory and high demand, favor sellers. But if you’re selling in a low-income area, getting the … Continued

How to Simplify Showing Your Home in Greenville

Why are showings such an important part of the selling process? Showings give potential buyers an opportunity to see and fully experience your home in person. And that’s why you have to make sure you’ve presented it in the best light possible: to allow buyers to envision your house as their home and imagine living … Continued